Centers for Independent Living in Maryland: Ready for Sustainability

Action Plans 

After the third round of site visits are completed, each CIL will receive a written action plan that summarizes the results of the MCDD’s inquiry, describes strategies to address infrastructure opportunities and priorities needed to sustain provision of core services, and outlines targeted outcomes for achieving CIL readiness. 

  • CIL directors and staff will have a clear sense of what to expect in the action plans due to the open dialogue with the MCDD during the site visit process as well as ongoing access to data and reports.

Training and Technical Assistance

During the second half of the project, the MCDD will provide two on-site trainings at each CIL in addition to three one-hour training webinars. The content of the training will be tailored based on the individual needs of each CIL as outlined in the comprehensive action plan.

  • Training materials will comprise standardized and customized tools such as worksheets, templates, reference to industry guidelines or standards, and project summary documentation. 

Materials and Resources

Sample materials might include: 

  • Build skills in executive leadership
  • Diversify funding streams
  • Define clear business plan
  • Manage workforce effectively
  • Assess fee-for-service models
  • Maximize partnerships 
  • Leverage in-kindmatching